How to Learn Typewriting Free and Easily

Typing is simple and basic, but knowing how to type quickly without searching for the key requires practice. And when it is time to type an essay or a school assignment, you must learn how to type so that it does not slow you down.

If it is short notice, you might need to get an essay writing services company to help you out instead of being pressured to learn how to type within that short period.

Learn from Free Typing Lessons Online

There are a lot of websites where you can learn to type free and improve your typing accuracy and speed. They are created for each age group and have different features that make them unique.

Some sites you can try out are: is a site that offers typing lessons for all categories of typists; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. And you choose any level of typing appropriate for you.

In the lesson, you are given what to type, and a virtual keyboard shows you the letters and the fingers to use to type them. After you are done with the exercise, the site displays your result. Your result includes the time you used for the exercise, speed, and accuracy. You can then proceed to the next lesson by pressing Enter.

Even though you can use it without registering, you will need to sign up for the free registration if you want to track your progress.

However, this typing site is best if you are a beginner or intermediate typist as it does not have many lessons to improve the skills of advanced users. An advanced typist should go for other suitable sites.


Typing Club is suitable for all levels but appropriate if you are an advanced user. The site has more than 600 lessons to offer users, and the lessons include using other keys apart from the alphabet keys. So, in the classes, you will learn the use of alphabet keys, symbols, numbers, and the shift key.

The lesson focuses more on improving your typing skills, and you can choose the appropriate level that suits your skills. While taking the lessons, you can see the results of your speed and accuracy, but you will need to register for a free account if you want to keep track of your progress.

This is a good tool if your teacher wants to monitor your progress or design classes for you. It has a lot of customizable features. The only con is that you must stay through and watch the intro videos for each lesson. And if you are using a free account, you will see ads you can not get rid of.


Speed Typing Online is one of the most common sites to improve your typing speed. It has 17 classic lessons that help you learn the use of each alphabet. Then, you can go on to string the letters of the words.

The lessons are so specific that you can try only the top row, bottom row, home row, and the whole keyboard. You can customize your lessons and the goals you wish to achieve.

The free registration allows you to track your progress, set custom goals, and access typing tests and games.


The big brown bear is a typing test suitable for beginners; it has more than 12 free typing lessons that will help you learn to use each key on the keyboard. You can choose what key you want to practice and go to the next after you have perfected it.

The site makes it easy to type each word by taking it across the screen, so you do not have to worry about moving your eyes and head to see the letters.

However, if you make mistakes while typing, you have to correct them before you move on to the next, and this can cut the flow of your typing and affect your typing speed result.

Learn by Yourself

Typing is a skill you can learn all by yourself, even though it might not be as fast or professional as it would be with typing sites. However, if you have the time to spare, you can keep practicing until you get it right.

  • Set aside two hours daily for the typing test.
  • Pick out a book to type out
  • Do it consistently until you get the hang of it.

Effective tips for learning how to type

Get the Right Sitting Posture

Your sitting posture can determine the speed of your typing. Here are some sitting posture tips to take note of while typing.

  • Keep your beach straight against the chair’ back.
  • Your table should be high enough to keep your elbow at the right angle.
  • Your head should be slightly tilted forward towards the screen.
  • Your eyes should be at least 45 to 70 cm away from the screen.
  • Keep the wrist, arm, and shoulder in a comfortable position to avoid strain.
  • Do not rest your weight on the wrist.

Fingers Positioning

The starting position for learning to type is to curve your fingers and place them on the home row, which is the ASDF and JKL. Your index finger should be above the F and J keys. There should be a rhythm for your typing, and your fingers must return to the home row after typing.

Finger Speed

The fluid movement of your fingers will determine your typing speed. And as you advance, you should be able to type without looking at the keys.

  • Limit your finger and hand movement to only moving when you need to press a key. This reduces the stress on your fingers and increases your typing speed.
  • If you are just starting typing lessons, focus on learning where each alphabet is, not your typing speed. When you focus on your typing speed, you might make many mistakes early in your lesson.
  • As you advance, pick up your speed but ensure you avoid making typing mistakes.
  • Scan the words you want to type so you do not have to stop all the time just to check what you are to write next.

After you learn the necessary lessons and are confident about your typing skills, you can go to any free typing sites to check your progress, typing speed, and accuracy. You can get free help with many of the websites, but you will get access to more features in the paid version.

Typing lessons is easy; all it takes is practice and consistency. Once you get the basic instructions, you will have no problem increasing your typing speed and accuracy. Once you learn how to type, you can continue with your writing projects.