How To Develop The Right Mentality When Playing Video Slots Seriously

Video slots could be a tricky affair, especially with thousands of games with diverse themes, symbols, combinations, etc. One must invest time to learn, practice, and develop an excellent game sense. Having the right kind of mindset is important to get the perfect outcome from such a game, irrespective of experience.

One major advantage over classic slots is that video slots offer multiple extra features which increase the chances of winning. Every developer like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, etc., develops their own slot games showcasing diverse symbols, combinations, and possibilities. Other features that vary between slots are free spins, scatter prizes, bonus games, wild symbols.

How to Develop the Right Gaming Mindset?

Being Prepared. This is mainly applicable for the newbies playing online casinos. Whenever you decide to try out a video slot, it is important that you are prepared for it. Punters who haven’t been into gaming for a while need to quickly do some research on the internet to cope with the meta changes and newest patches. Demo and free games are the best available option. Look through the Pay tables, Min and Max bets, Autoplay features, symbols, and winning combinations. The free spin features and special bonus rounds usually vary between games. Also, newer online casinos run smoothly on both android and iOS platforms which makes it convenient for punters too. Various slot games other than video slots include progressive slots, wild play, multiple payline machines, reel slots, single coin machines, etc.

Be respectful towards opponents. Punters must always respect other players across the screen and forums. Getting in a forum and seeing players with better ranks and skills must not affect personal credentials or make someone back off. Such forums could be a great place to gather honest reviews, ratings, trending games, etc. While playing at the slot, the RTP and volatility associated with a slot game could be critical pointers to assume your possibilities of a win.

Being Critical of Yourself. Personal improvement in anything requires the ability to take and accept criticism. Identification and rectification of these lead to one of the easiest routes to being a better gambler. Actively working on the shortcomings results in rising up the ranks quickly. Another method of learning from one’s mistakes is to review and record demos of self-gameplay. This would help in rational evaluation of the in-game situation and getting someone else’s opinion too.

Choose the Correct Provider and Casino. The huge ensemble of casinos and providers can be intimidating. But most casinos have cryptic policies and wagering needs. Beware. Always choose a casino that has a credible license from UKGC or from offshore licensing bodies like Curacao eGaming, Malta, Kahnawake, etc. Top gaming software providers like Vivo Gaming, NetEnt, Novomatic, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and others must be chosen to have access to the best games.


Avoid chasing losses. Slots must be played in order to have fun. Winnings and losing are a part of any game but incorporating the competitive element might lead to certain problems. Chasing losses is never a solution. It might lead to more losses, eventually leading to bankruptcy. A punter must always protect his finances and play within a budget. Try choosing video slots offering low denomination currency. Most slots allow punters to choose from many coin sizes as per budget. This is beneficial for both budget bettors and high rollers. The autoplay option is available on many slots that provide punters with an opportunity to repeatedly play slot games by spinning reels without manual operation.

The rise of online gambling means that the possible outcomes are via virtual reels. Popular gaming designers stack decks for making certain events occur more frequently in terms of hype. Near misses is a part of casinos and results in an increased desire to gamble more which is harmful, especially for problem gamblers.

Tips to Win Online Casino Games

Online casinos have gained immense popularity and success. There are multiple domains available to gamble on. However, certain important tips that would help you to become a pro gambler include :

  • Choosing the best casinos: Before deciding upon an online casino, do some research. Check out the RTP, payout speed, payment options, licenses, games offered, etc. Check casino reviews online, and then choose one.
  • Find games having a low house edge: Choose to bet on games having low house edges. It determines how much a casino pays relative to the payment of the true odds. The more the house edge; the lesser the profit for punters
  • Collect best bonuses: Never miss out on free money. Avail of the best bonuses offered at online video slots like welcome bonuses, sign-up bonus, deposit bonus, reload bonus, etc. These bonuses help in an additional bankroll for trying out new games to develop strategies.
  • Avoid alcohol: While gambling, it is important to remain alert for making the best decisions. Alcohol consumption lowers inhibitions and can influence a person to take massive risks that one would usually avoid. This might result in major losses.

Video Slots: Do’s And Dont’s

Do’s Dont’s
Higher denomination slots offer more paybacks. Avoid investing your money in a single slot game.
Choose your coins and Bet limits based on budgets. Keep a check on your investments and spendings.
Bet enough to be eligible for jackpots. Never gamble on casinos without licenses.
Choose machines at the ends of rows. 5 Reel slots offer better chances of a win rather than the 3 Reel variants.
Start betting on small amounts, look for near misses. Never forget to look at the Pay Table and winning combinations before starting a game of slot.

How to Play Online Video Slots?

  1. View the paytable for each slot. Look at the list of best symbols, offers, and bonuses available. It also informs about the minimum betting requirements in order to claim certain types of bonuses like progressive jackpots.
  2. Adjust the betting size since most casinos allow punters to do that. While bigger wagers result in greater wins, one must keep an eye on the budgets.
  3. One can choose the number of paylines carefully. While fewer paylines affect the wager size, one must always play with all possible paylines, to get better offers and promos.
  4. The Spin/Play feature starts a single spin with the selected bet.
  5. Video slots have to offer a lot, and one must always look out for special symbol bonuses, winning combinations, multiplier features, and jackpots.

Summing Up

Online video slots offer to scatter bonuses, wild symbols, bonus games, progressive jackpots, re-spins, etc., which majorly attract punters. The quirky visual effects are a treat too. To ace at online video slots, one must follow the rules of the casino, which the paytable and “Help”/ “Information” sections usually offer.