GPU Fan Not Spinning: How to Fix it

If you are a gamer and using a high-end Video card then you might face some issues with it. GPU Fan Not Spinning is a common issue with Windows related operating system. After installing the new Windows update, so many Windows users have reported this issue that GPU Fan Not Spinning or Graphics card fans not spinning. This can be a frustrating signal that your graphics card is in trouble.

In the majority of cases, the reality is different and its solution is simple. So, in this guide, we will share some working solutions to fix the Video card fan not spinning and the GPU Fan Spinning issue.

Working Methods to Fix GPU Fan Not Spinning

The Most Common Reason behind these GPU fans not spinning Rx 580 is they won’t spin until they hit any defined temperature. Before using any methods to fix the issue, first test your graphics card with a stress test/benchmark under load. You can also install MSI Afterburner to scan your video card to identify the issue.

1. PCIe Power Isn’t Plugged In

Check if you forget to plug PCIe Power or not. This can be the reason why your GPU fans might not be spinning. So if you forgot to plug the PCIe power cable from your PSU then plugin it and try again.

Also, make sure that the graphics card is connected to your power supply.

2. Restart Your PC

The first thing you should do is, restart your PC and see if it is working or not.

3. Check Power Connectors

The Graphics card needs power and if it doesn’t get enough power then you will face GPU fan isn’t spinning. So first check all the power connectors and see they are fine and in good condition.

4. Clean The Fan Of Dust

Sometimes due to Dust, GPU fans not spinning. So first clean your GPU fan from dust and then try again.

5. Upgrade Older GPU Fans

If you are using an old graphics card then you are facing this issue regularly. Check if it is old then it’s time to replace it. You can also replace a fan or a complete graphics card.

6. Update the BIOS

BIOS is used to perform hardware checking during booting. BIOS will scan your complete hardware including the graphics card, sound card, touchpad, etc. If you are facing My video card’s fan has power, but won’t spin or GPU Fan Not Spinning then it’s time to update the BIOS.

7. Remove the Battery and Fix the Problem

If your GPU fan not spinning while gaming on Laptop then first try to remove your battery and reinsert it.

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