Top 5 Best Soundbar Under 100 – Reviews and Guide

To witness a better picture quality and view your favorite movies in HD quality, many people have switched their average televisions with flat Tv screens. 

Enriched with specifications to produce quality output, these flat screens are the premium choice for everyone.

But when it comes to the built-in speaker they consist of, they fail to provide the user with the sound quality they want to hear. 

To enhance the audio and produce an extreme bass sound, these soundbars were manufactured so that people can enjoy their favorite movies and series to the fullest. 

As the popularity of these soundbars increased, manufacturers started to produce these soundbars in a bulk amount, each soundbar comes with its own set of specifications and hence it can be difficult to select the best one for you.  

Having said that, A list of the best soundbar under 100 dollars is being provided below, which will surely be the products you’ve been looking for! 

:star: Best Soundbar Under 100 Reviews:

1. TaoTronics Sound

TaoTronics Sound

Taotronics is strong enough to turn your average Tv room look into theatre, coming with a 2.0 channel this soundbar is 34 inches long. 

Featuring 4 full-range speakers along with 2 passive radiators to enhance the bass of this soundbar, this can be the best soundbar under 100 you can have. 

This soundbar provides users with two connection options; a wired connection and a wireless connection.

Coming with a nice Bluetooth connectivity, this soundbar can be operated within a distance with ease. 

Consisting of a modern and high-quality design, this soundbar is ultimately durable and will stick around with you for a prolonged time.


  • Offers user’s with a wide range of Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Features a touch and remote control system. 
  • Consist of a contemporary design.
  • Offers users to mount this device on the wall


  • The Bluetooth function it’s comprises doesn’t auto-reconnect once the device restarts. 
  • Doesn’t offer a long range of Bluetooth signals.

2. VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch

VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch

Consisting of a compact design, this soundbar by Vizio offers a great overall sound and hence can be the viable pick as the best soundbar under 100. 

This soundbar is designed to support the flatscreens that are 32 inches long and even bigger. 

With this soundbar, you can easily turn your average TV room, into a home-theater and can create a mini cinema within your home.

Coming with a 2 channel, this soundbar ensures users provide realistic extreme sound. 

Featuring the latest DTS TruSound technology, this soundbar enhances the surround sound function of the soundbar and spread the sound to every corner of your room.


  • It’s easy to connect this soundbar with your flat screen. 
  • Comes within a compact size, that can be placed anywhere in your room. 
  • Features Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • Comes with a streamlined sturdy design.
  • Offers users realistic sound results with its 2-channel speakers.


  • The optical cable it comes packed with isn’t long enough.
  • User’s witness a large gap while switching this speaker from quiet to loud volume.

3. AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel


AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel

It’s can be quite irritating and frustrating to know the fact that the flatscreen you purchased doesn’t come equipped with quality speakers and doesn’t’ deliver a great sound. 

Hence to get users rid of this problem, this Amazonbasic can prove to be the best soundbar under 100 and can be the one-stop solution to provide users with a realistic sound experience. 

Consisting of efficient onboard controls, you don’t have to worry about the remote getting out of battery and can control your soundbar effectively. 

Offering users with multiple sound mounds, this soundbar lets the users enjoy their series with their desired sound effects.


  • Offers users a Bluetooth connection. 
  • Consists of a slim design.
  • Features an inbuilt subwoofer for quality output. 
  • Offer users to select their desired sound output by offering them three sound modes
  • Multiple devices can be connected to this soundbar.


  • Its flashing blue light may not be ideal for everyone.
  • Its remote signal interferes with other devices.
  • High bass reduces the clarity of dialogue.



Coming with a multiple mode switch option, this soundbar offers the users to change the quality of the sound according to the connection the soundbar is connected to. 

Consisting of the viable specification and customization options, this can be the best soundbar under 100 you can get your hand onto. 

Offering users with multiple connections, this Fuloxtech enables users to connect this soundbar via Aux, optical or RCA cables or the users can connect this soundbar wirelessly with the Bluetooth technology it comes with. 

Made up of PVC strong plastic, this soundbar is ultimately durable and will stick around for a prolonged time. Moreover, it’s easy to mount this soundbar on the wall, and hence can be a great addition to your tv room.


  • Consists of multiple connection modes with light indicators. 
  • Comprises both remote control and onboard buttons to provide full control of the soundbar. 
  • With a wall mounting option, this soundbar can be mounted on the wall with ease. 
  • Consists of multiple connection options.
  • Consists of a Bluetooth connection.


  • The equalizer settings in this soundbar cannot be changed according to the user’s preference. 
  • Consists of a short AUX cable. 
  • The color indicators it comes with need to be memorized so that you can avail of the different connection modes.

5. WOHOME TV Soundbar, Model S05

WOHOME TV Soundbar, Model S05

Coming within a greater size of 32 inches, this soundbar consists of all the specifications and customization options that the best soundbar under 100 should comprise of. 

Featuring a 2.1 channel, this soundbar enables the users to turn their average TV rooms into a classy theatre and fulfill the needs and requirements of the users. 

This soundbar can be connected to your Flat screen or the other devices you wish to connect with ease by simply connecting the Bluetooth of this soundbar.

Coming within a range, this can be the best soundbar under 100 you can get your hand onto.


  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • Comes with mounting brackets.
  • Multiple connections methods like optical and AUX.
  • Four sound modes.
  • Very affordable.


  • The remote control doesn’t come with batteries in the package.
  • It picks frequencies from some TV remote controls.
  • Volume is set to maximum by default when turning it on
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💸 How to Choose the Best Soundbar Under 100?

Best Soundbar Under 100

When will you go to the market to choose your best soundbar under 100, you’ll witness that a lot of products will be coming within your range.

But the product that looks attractive and eye-catching doesn’t need to come with a comprehensive set of specifications that you’re looking for. 

Hence it’s necessary to do some research about the product you’re going to choose beforehand to avoid any type of inconvenience

Hence, A buyer’s guide is being provided to you below, to ensure that the product you’re choosing proves to be essential and sticks around with you for a prolonged time.

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Connection Method:

The soundbar offers different connection options, the most basic connections are known as wired and wireless connections.

it’s recommended that you should choose a connection that suits best your Flat screen. 

For example, if your Flat screen consists of an Aux lead, then you need to consider the connection that’s compatible with this model. 

What counts as the best soundbar under 100 is that offers you ultimate portability, and for which it should consist of a Bluetooth function, so you don’t need to get stuck with your speaker anymore. 

Remote Control:

What can prove to be cooler than controlling your soundbar with a remote? 

The best soundbar under 100 should consist of a remote control connection, that lets you operate your soundbar wirelessly and provides you with the freedom to access the soundbar and switch it on or off from any corner of your room. 

Remote control comes with all possible controls, it’s recommended to go for a soundbar in which, most of the functions can be done with a remote. 

Onboard Controls:

AS said above, the remote control can be fun and offers users access to their soundbar from a certain range.

But as a remote control operates on the batteries, these batteries can run out of power at any time. 

If your soundbar doesn’t consist of the onboard controls, you won’t be able to operate your soundbar without a  remote. 

Hence it’s essential to go for a remote control connection, but your best soundbar under 100 should consist of onboard controls too so that if the remote is not nearby, you can operate your device manually. 

Number of Channels:

Most of the soundbar offers a limited amount of channels that can be switched by users to let the soundbar produce their desired audio.

Mainly the soundbar consists of 2.0 or 2.1 channels, so it’s suggested to go for the best soundbar under 100 that fulfills your needs and provides you with the realistic results that you’ve always desired. 

If you want an audio output that’s more than your average flat screen’s speaker, then a soundbar with a 2.0 channel can do the work for you. 

But in case if you’re looking to witness a cinematic experience, and want your soundbar to produce an extreme bass sound with realistic results, then it’s recommended to go for a soundbar that consists of 2.1 channels. 


AS the soundbar is manufactured in a bulk amount, it comes in a wide range of sizes. 

The size of your best soundbar under 100 should be dependent upon the size of your flat tv screen and the free space you have in your room to mount this soundbar. 

For a large tv screen, a larger soundbar would be required to provide you with real results. The larger the size of the soundbar would be, the more enhanced the bass sound it will produce.

Hence it’s recommended to go for a size, that suits best to your preference.


It’s so obvious that the soundbar you would choose for your self will be placed on mounted somewhere near to your flat screen.

Hence it will be the most focal point while watching your favorite series.

Hence your best soundbar under 100 must match with the design of your flat screen and provides the user with an aesthetic look without being looking the odd one out. 

It’s suggested to go for a soundbar that blends perfectly within your room and consists of a sturdy design to promote longer durability. 


:clipboard: Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best inexpensive soundbar?

The list provided above consists of the best soundbar under 100, hence besides being inexpensive, the above-mentioned products are best in their own way. 

To ensure that the soundbar you are opting for suits best your preference, it’s advised to go through the buyer’s guide provided above beforehand to have your best viable pick.

What's the best soundbar for the money?

The best soundbar for the money is the one that satisfies your needs to the fullest and provides you with ultimate durability so that you can enjoy your favorite series with the best audio quality.

Are cheap soundbars any good?

The above-mentioned products are the most inexpensive and one of the best soundbars you can ever receive. 

Looking for something even cheaper won’t come with a comprehensive set of specifications and can produce an average quality of sound.

Hence it’s advised to do a one-time investment in a product that provides you with extreme quality sound and offers you premium durability.  

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:books: Conclusion!

What can prove to be more satisfying and relaxing than enjoying your favorite series on your Flat tv screen that’s connected to a soundbar that produces a quality audio output? 

Besides generating high-quality sound, a soundbar is held responsible to create a mesmerizing atmosphere and turns your average tv room into an experience you witness in Cinemas.

Hence, the soundbar mentioned above comprises all the necessary specifications and modifications options that’ll satisfy your needs for sure!