The Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100 in 2021 (Complete Review)

You might be wondering which the best mechanical keyboard under 100 is? Just check out this list and get the top-class recommendations.

These are high-end mechanical gaming keyboards and designed in a way to give you prime and superior performance. Furthermore, they are featured with mechanical switches so that you can experience faster actuation.

In addition, they show an 80 million keystroke lifespan and that is the catchy quality of these keyboards. They have got these multi-functional digital dials and give extensive media controls.

With the help of these keyboards, you can play for hours and hours comfortably. You are allowed to customize their key lighting part as well.

Once you read the reviews, do let us know which you have ranked the best mechanical keyboard under 100:

:star: Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100 Reviews:

Mechanical Keyboards

10. Corsair Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair mechanical keyboard may meet your expectations because it is the best mechanical keyboard under 100. You can try it out as it is highly recommended from the side of experts.

Furthermore, it has high-end mechanical key switches embedded in it and gives the ultimate and super performance each time you use this keyboard. Moreover, it has large font keycaps and enhances your typing and gaming experience.

On the other hand, this reviewed keyboard is compact and remains to show a tenkeyless design. This is an ideal option for you while you are traveling.

It is surrounded by dedicated multimedia and too much volume controls in it. This same best mechanical keyboard under 100 is installed with anti-ghosting features and ensures the operations of full key rollover.

Hence, it does not matter how fast and high end your gaming sessions are, simply use this keyboard and enjoy a lot.

Gamers have loved using this keyboard because it has an ergonomic design and promises to give a long term comfortable use. It manages to reduce fatigue and there is special padding present on it.

It is made by using high-quality ABS construction material and offers extended durability. The presence of double shot keycaps makes this keyboard more popular among all gamers.

What We Like:

  • It gives the ultimate performance.
  • It has a tenkeyless design.
  • It has dedicated multimedia controls.

9. Razer Mechanical Keyboard

Razer Mechanical Keyboard

Razer keyboard is another reliable suggestion at our end. If your current mechanical keyboard no longer suits your gaming needs, then have this best mechanical keyboard under 100.

It is marked as the number 1 and so far best-selling keyboard version that you can try out. In addition, it has got the quickest of all mechanical switches that are ideal for all gaming sessions.

This keyboard consists of legacy speed keys and is suitable for all kinds of fast-paced gaming session times.

To see the factor of ultimate personalization in your keyboard, do order this best mechanical keyboard under 100. It shows durable construction and manages to support up to 80 million clicks.

Regarding the construction of this keyboard, it is made of military-grade construction material and packed with full-spectrum lighting patterns.

It is embedded with a function shortcut key so that you can access and use the rest of the multi-media functional keys as well.

So, have this keyboard as it has a metal panel design and packed with a non-slip wrist rest design. This one is a splash-proof keyboard that we have reviewed for you.

It is composed of superior looking blue switches and also double-shot injected molded kind of keycaps.

What We Like:

  • It has fully programmable macros.
  • It shows the ultimate personalization.
  • It is packed with durable construction.

8. Logitech Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Moving to more of the recommendations, we have this Logitech keyboard that carries a modern aluminum design in it. It offers the user an adjustable tilt and that is the main selling point of it.

Most importantly, this best mechanical keyboard under 100 has a slim-looking front and delivers a comfortable angle each time.

It has white backlighting and that is available in 5 patterns. You can even use this keyboard in the dark.

We have given our love and praise to this best mechanical keyboard under 100 as it is a fully illuminated keyboard. Besides, it runs on precise mechanics and is injected with a completely modern looking design.

You can type comfortably on it as it consists of mechanical key switches as well as an adjustable tilt option.

It is time to prolong the span of your productivity and you can do that by grabbing and buying this exclusive keyboard.

If you have already tried out this brand, then share with us your reviews about it.

What We Like:

  • It delivers a comfortable angle.
  • It has a durable and stylish aluminum body design.
  • This one is a full-size keyboard.

7. Steel Series Mechanical Keyboard

Steel Series Mechanical Keyboard

You can make up your mind and have this Steel Series mechanical keyboard for yourself. This is a hybrid keyboard and comprises mechanical gaming switches in it.

Moreover, this best mechanical keyboard under 100 offers a tactile click and carries an OLED smart display in it. It is all and completely customized with gifs as well as a game info and discord messages.

This same keyboard is induced with an aircraft-grade kind of aluminum alloy frame and manufactured by keeping in mind the unbreakable durability aspect.

It gives you a click tactile feel, shows extreme durability, and also convenience each time you use this best mechanical keyboard under 100.

This keyboard is even water-resistant and ideally builds for dedicated and committed gamers. The package is included with a magnetic wrist rest and per-key RGB and also OLED smart display.

So, order this backlit gaming keyboard and convey to us your feedback about it. We are sure that you will love this wired membrane gaming keyboard as it comes along with a multi-colored LED backlighting effect.

What We Like:

  • It has an OLED smart display.
  • It gives full palm support.
  • It shows unbreakable durability.

6. ORZLY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

ORZLY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

ORZLY keyboard successfully displays lots of great qualities that make this product the best mechanical keyboard under 100. It is suitable to be used for PC gaming times and also for PS4 gaming.

In addition, this is a suitable product for retro pie gaming. This keyboard has RGB lights and gives you the ultimate PC gaming experience.

Moreover, in this whole package, you are going to get a mouse, headset too. It is with the help of its large mouse pad that you will be offered a smooth surface area.

This mouse offers DPI settings and also natural rubber base. You will be surprised to know that this best mechanical keyboard under 100 is tested and proven for reliability and durability.

What We Like:

  • It has 4 adjustable DPI.
  • It allows smooth keystrokes.
  • It consists of media control keys.

5. NPET Mechanical Keyboard

NPET Mechanical Keyboard1

Beyond, you can order and have this NPET keyboard because it shows metal and too ABS construction. This is a professional gaming keyboard and it has UV coated keycaps.

All of its letter of characters never and ever fade and possess anti-swear properties. This keyboard and its overall quality manage to prevent further keycap damage.

We have given our strong verdict to this best mechanical keyboard under 100 as it shows enhanced durability and 1005 tactile feedback.

You can see that this is a colorful illuminated keyboard; it has these 4 LED lighting backlit modes and runs on 3 adjustable mixed backlit modes.

There are 104 keys present on it and available in the form of a standard keyboard. Most importantly, this best mechanical keyboard under 100 comprises 13 multi-media combination keys.

You can purchase this high quality gaming floating keyboard for sure because it delivers supreme working time to the user. It is all core water-resistant and that is another plus point of it.

This is the kind of keyboard that guarantees and promises to offer stable data transmitting job and not easily broken. Its keycaps are removable and there is a free keycap puller present in it.

Lastly, this keyboard is easy to operate and marked as the best gift idea. It automatically gets to enter into the sleeping mode if you do not use this keyboard for more than 10 minutes.

And if you decide to buy it, then you are going to get a 30-days money-back guarantee time.

What We Like:

  • This is a professional mechanical gaming keyboard.
  • It has removable keycaps.
  • It is easy to operate.

4. RK ROYAL KLUDGE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

RK ROYAL KLUDGE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

On this fourth spot, we have an RK ROYAL KLUDGE keyboard that is not only compact but also minimalistic looking. This best mechanical keyboard under 100 has got this ultra-compact layout at its end.

Most noteworthy, it has a total of 61 keys and carries practical design. Furthermore, it gives you an incomparable amount of click feedback and provides the user with a refreshing sort of tactile feel.

The battery side of this best mechanical keyboard under 100 is long-lasting and abundant. You can constantly use this keyboard for 10 hours non-stop.

And you can recharge it in just the time frame of 3 hours.

The catchy trait and property of this keyboard are that its standby time is around and about 360 hours. Though this reviewed keyboard has a single color backlit, still it is not at all dull looking.

It is installed with 17 backlit modes and you are allowed to choose and select your ideal mode as well.

At the same time, you can adjust the glowing speed and brightness scale of this keyboard. So, have you made up your mind to try this keyboard?

No doubt, this is the best quality mechanical keyboard and it is here to give you the desired enriching experience.

What We Like:

  • You can use it continuously for 10 hours.
  • It allows fast recharging time.
  • You can adjust the brightness freely.

3. DIERYA Mechanical Keyboard

DIERYA Mechanical Keyboard

DIERYA mechanical keyboard has a classic compact design present in it and this is the main attractive part of this best mechanical keyboard under 100. It is of perfect size, shape, and lightweight as well.

You can have it for home use or for office use. Moreover, this is a practical and feasible model for all gamers.

If you are a typist by profession, then using this best mechanical keyboard under 100 is a great recommendation for you. It is packed with all-powerful and advanced software editing features.

This keyboard is surrounded by personalized functions and offline macros as well. No doubt, this model can give you endless positive and satisfactory experience that you have always wished for.

It has these double-shot keycaps and they show the wear-resistant property. These keycaps are harder and tougher as compared to using ABS keycaps.

Lastly, this keyboard has a waterproof circuit board and it remains to be IPX4 certified. It is surrounded by hot-swapped functioning too.

This specific keyboard has got lots of positive reviews and you should try and buy it.

What We Like:

  • It is wear-resistant.
  • It has a waterproof circuit board.
  • It is easy to clean.

2. VicTsing Mechanical Keyboard

VicTsing Mechanical Keyboard

VicTsing keyboard has a gorgeous and magical looking backlit design and that is the center of attention of this best mechanical keyboard under 100. You can see and notice that this is a wired gaming keyboard.

Furthermore, it is featured and accompanied by 9 fantastic and superclass looking backlight modes. This keyboard offers bright lighting effects and successfully offers an immersing and great gaming experience.

The brand of this keyboard has designed this product with the presence of blue switches. It has these crisp key clicks and always gives you a pleasant paragraph feeling.

It consists of full 104 keys and offers you anti-ghosting functionality. In addition, as this best mechanical keyboard under 100 comes with multi keys, for the reason that you will be enjoying the high speed.

This keyboard is packed and made of metal and ABS construction and this whole construction offers your keyboard with an extended durability aspect.

If you are using some plastic keyboard, then start using this recommended version.

Lastly, this reviewed option gives you a wide application and compose of a splash-resistant design. This is a winning keyboard model and compatible with many systems.

As we have told you that this keyboard has a splash-resistant design, which is why it can prevent further scratches and damages on it.

If any liquid is poured on your keyboard, then it will not get damaged at all. So, buy this model and get a friendly after-sale service after it.

What We Like:

  • You can use it for hours and hours.
  • It delivers wide applications.
  • It has a splash-resistant design.

1. ASUS Mechanical Keyboard

ASUS Mechanical Keyboard

ASUS mechanical gaming keyboard can well be tried out by you as it is a spill-resistant coating design in it. This keyboard is incorporated with tactile mechanical switches and managed to give high precision keystrokes.

You will be happy to know that this best mechanical keyboard under 100 delivers a 19-key roll-over response and consists of onboard memory.

Furthermore, it has 8 fully programmable keys and allows you to play uninterrupted and hassle-free gaming sessions.

We have come to this point that this keyboard has got all that you expect and desire to see in any best mechanical keyboard under 100.

Like, it is injected with spill-resistant coating property and this property can well secure your keyboard from any accidental spills.

This is the kind of keyboard that can withstand and tolerate abrasion and also resistant to friction and perspiration.

It can give you distraction-free gaming time and comprises dedicated volume knobs it. It is by twisting the knobs that you can control and adjust your audio settings.

This whole keyboard design comes with a detachable and ergonomic wrist too.

What We Like:

  • It has a dedicated volume knob.
  • It is ideal for committed gamers.
  • It gives optimal comfort.

💸 How to Choose the Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100? – Buyer’s Guide:

Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

Below we have provided you with a buying guide that tells you how to get the best mechanical keyboard under 100, so have a look at the details:

Compact Design:

You should have that mechanical keyboard that carries a compact design. And if it is featured with a keyless design, then that is great.

Furthermore, it should be installed with mechanical key switches so that you can have the ultimate performance out of that keyboard.

From this factor of compact design, we mean that your chosen model should offer brilliant per-key lighting and an unlimited amount of lighting adjustability.

Dedicated Media Controls and 100% Anti-Ghosting:

Moreover, you should buy and shop for the best mechanical keyboard under 100 that has dedicated media controls. It needs to have a dedicated amount of volume controls in it.

Through these settings, you can adjust audio without any hassle and interruption for your gaming sessions.

And if your keyboard offers and delivers 100% anti-ghosting along with the feature of a full key rollover, then that is amazing.

Offer Comfort and Ease:

Avoid buying that keyboard that does not offer you comfort and ease. And if you want to get the best mechanical keyboard under 100, then make sure to choose the model that delivers the utmost comfort and ease.

If it is packed with mechanical gaming key switches, then such a keyboard will always be possessed with a unique competitive advantage.

Induction of Large Front Keycaps:

Lastly, you can pick that version of the mechanical keyboard that is officially packed with large front keycaps and also per-key red LED backlighting.

With the help of these features, your chosen keyboard can give you reliable and needed experience.

It is this brilliant LED backlighting that shall enhance and improve your gaming experience.

Mechanical v. Membrane Keyboards:

There is a specific difference between mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards and here you will get the required explanation.

Talking about these membrane keyboards, we have seen that they are surrounded by a thin membrane that is generally pressed right on a circuit layer.

They are comparatively more lightweight and portable. Furthermore, they are cheaper and quieter as compared to their other mechanical counterparts.

Moreover, these keyboards give you a mushy kind of key feel and showcase a shorter lifespan. They are quite difficult to clean and maintain as well.

If using such a keyboard, then you can register and press one keystroke at one single time.

Now, coming to the details of these mechanical keyboards, they are known and popular because they give a distinct key feel to the user.

They are injected with spring-loaded switches and their keystroke remains to come out to be smooth and tactile.

These keyboards give the user a crisp sort of aural feedback and this is the promising part of these mechanical keyboards.

The factor of customization is present in these keyboards too.  You can customize the keycaps of mechanical keyboards if you feel like doing so.

Lastly, the only downside of them is that they are expensive and not budget-friendly. They come out to be a bit noisy, more expensive as well as heavier.

📚 Conclusion!

It is time that you should now choose your best mechanical keyboard under 100 and convey to us your feedback about it. All these suggested gaming keyboards give ultimate performance.

In addition, their LED backlighting enhances your overall experience and gives you the power to adjust the lighting virtually and unlimited.

These keyboards are composed with dedicated volume as well as media controls and ensure full key rollover at the same time.

So, try out your best mechanical keyboard under 100 and keep tuned with us over here.

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