15 Best Chrome Privacy Extensions for Better Security

We know that Chrome is the most commonly used internet browser for both businesses and individuals.

It is because it has a simple, clean, and responsive layout. It also provides you with a secure browsing experience.

It has its antivirus settings which are undoubtedly the best in the industry. But new and emerging threats are always there.

So to protect from these emerging threats Google Chrome has an extra layer of security protection in the form of many Chrome privacy extensions that are available in the Chrome web store.

In this article, we will provide you the 15 best Chrome privacy extensions which will provide you extra security.

These Chrome privacy extensions are:

1- Blur:


Whenever you go into a website that you are a subscriber to, will require a password.

These passwords are not simple but they require special characters, upper and lowercase letters, and numbers as well.

Many password management tools are available on the Chrome browser. You will often be asked if you want to save your password which is too risky.

It is okay if you are using your home personal computer. But if you are doing it outside then someone can easily gain access to that managing tool.

In this case, Chrome privacy extensions like blur can save your passwords and encrypt them for safekeeping.

It also secures your online shopping by encrypting all of your credit card information. It also keeps the trackers away from your details.

2- TeamPassword:TeamPassword

This is another Chrome privacy extension. If you are working in a team or an entire company, then you need the employees who are working for you.

They have the access to various services, tools, and applications which require a password and log in.

TeamPassword is the Chrome privacy extension which allows you to have the strong passwords which can be shared across the team that is working on the same platform.

Whenever an employee leaves the team or the company, you can easily remove them in one step with which they no longer have the access to your password and login information.

3- Sneeker Security Extension:

Sneeker Security Extension

Coming towards the next Chrome privacy extension. If you are running a business, then it is compulsory to have complete transparency.

From all of your employees as they can breach the security and get access to the delicate information.

With Sneaker, you can keep it entirely safe as it allows the moderator to keep a hidden browser history.

That is password protected. With this, the history cannot be wiped out even if the user has tried to delete it.

4- SiteJabber:


It is one of the largest community-based Chrome privacy extensions.

Whenever you are browsing for the shopping or some ideas for your project then you probably see what others think about the webpage.

There you see a small icon that is either red, yellow, or green which helps you to determine its rating. It depicts how safe it is and whether or not it is a safe site.

This icon also gives you a summary of the site. You can also ask questions from the members of the SiteJabbee community if you have any inquiries about any site.

5- Secure Mail for Gmail:Secure Mail for Gmail

Emails should have the top security as they contain many sensitive pieces of information.

Even if you have encrypted it, there is a chance that people could pick up what is included in the message.

By using the secure mail Chrome privacy extension, you can get rid of this as well.

All you have to do is to encrypt your mail with a password and you are safe to go.

The recipient has to enter the same password to open or to decrypt your message.

6- Avast online antivirus Chrome extension:

Avast online antivirus Chrome extension

This is rated as the best antivirus Chrome privacy extension. If you use this extension, it will instantly warn you if the page or a website you are visiting is fake or dangerous.

It will also tell you whether the URL which you are entering is legitimate or not. Sometimes you enter a domain mistakenly.

This extension will also auto-correct these mistakes and you will not accidentally go somewhere where you shouldn’t be.

7- Ghostery:


Your online activities are also being tracked by people. This can slow down your browsing and your privacy can also be invaded.

Ghostery is the Chrome privacy extension that can see who is tracking you. It also provides you the ability to either block unblock them from tracking you. 

Whenever you are visiting a website you can easily see who is tracking that site as well with the help of ghostery.

You can easily disable them if you do not want them to know that you are on that website.

8- Click&Clean:


This is another Chrome privacy extension that you can use in emergency cases.

The emergency cases which requires you to completely erase all of your saved passwords, caches, and download history due to some breach of your security.

If you do not have this extension, it would take too long to wipe everything out.

But this Chrome privacy extension acts like a panic button with which you can quickly wipe everything out with just one click.

All you have to do is to open this icon on the toolbar and be done with it.

9- Windows Defender:

Windows Defender

Windows defender is a Chrome privacy extension that provides you the protection from malicious websites and other suspicious activities. 

There are many phishing links that when clicked on start downloading something malicious on your device without your approval.

This can be extremely harmful to your computer and can uncover sensitive information as well.

Windows defender keeps you safe from falling a victim to these phishing links. It also protects you from all the malware which are meant to harm your computer.

10- uMatrix:


If you are an experienced user who is looking to improve the security of your system, the uMatrix should be your preferred Chrome privacy extension.

It tells you what kind of information you can download on your device and what types of browsers you can connect and various other actions.

This is a complicated extension but if you use it continuously then it becomes easier to navigate.

This Chrome privacy extension offers you many features. It also allows you to alter what sites you can blacklist or whitelist.

Moreover, it also allows you to have full control of the security of your browsing experience.

11- HTTPS Everywhere:

HTTPS Everywhere

If the name of the website starts with https, it means that it is secure.

It is because it has an SSL certificate that encrypts all the information that is sent and received on that website.

This is something on which the customers rely to know whether the website should be trusted or not.

This Chrome privacy extension secures all of your messages, contact information, and the credit card information by encrypting it.

12- AdBlocker Ultimate:

AdBlocker Ultimate

This Chrome privacy extension protects you from the dangerous ads that could be hiding malware or any other malicious thing.

There aren’t any advertisements that this extension considers to be acceptable. Means that you are not going to see any advertisement while you are browsing.

13- PixelBlock:


As mentioned before that emails can be easily tracked which allows the other people to see your sensitive information.

They do it by sending you an email and seeing if you have opened it or not.

So if you want to get rid of this thing. PixelBlock will allow you to check your emails without someone else knowing that you are opening them. It prevents you from tracking.

If the sender has sent you the message to track you then red-eye will appear near the name of the sender so from where you can easily block them.

14- DotVPN:


This is also one of the best Chrome privacy extensions including the use of 4096 BIT encryption and the ability to open .onion websites.

This extension protects you from the inbound connections that are built-in through the firewall.

You can also use the public Wi-Fi connections without worrying about the intruders with the help of this Chrome privacy extension.

15- SurfEasy VPN:

SurfEasy VPN123

This is the last Chrome privacy extension which gives you a wide assortment of options of privacy protections.

With this, you can easily use public Wi-Fi connections and can effectively encrypt the data in and out of your browser.

If you use this Chrome privacy extension, it will keep the people away from seeing your IP addresses.

So you can do all your financial activities and banking activities and shop without worrying to be breached.


All of these Chrome privacy extensions are extremely useful if you want secure browsing.

So it’s a good idea to give a careful look at all of these privacy extensions. You can choose the extensions according to your requirement and use. 

I hope that we have given you enough guidance on all of these Chrome privacy extensions.

Yet, if you want to know anything else regarding any of these extensions, then you can ask us without hesitating.