An Overview of the Different CR2025 Battery Equivalents

A CR2025 battery is a small, 3-volt, coin-shaped disposable battery commonly used in small electronic devices such as watches, calculators, and car keys. While it is the most common type of battery used for these devices, there are various CR2025 battery equivalents that can be used instead. This article provides an overview of the different types of CR2025 battery equivalents, their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

CR2016 Batteries

The CR2016 battery type is often used in basic items like pens, auto keys, fitness equipment, and medical devices like thermometers. Since its size is ideal, one less typical use is as a memory backup power source.

The rechargeability of Cr2016 initially seems to be similar but actually sets them apart from one another. In order to restore a battery’s functionality during a recharge, electric currents must typically be allowed to flow through the battery. Sadly, neither the Cr2016 nor the Cr2025 batteries are rechargeable. Once used, they are intended to be thrown away. The Cr2025 battery has a higher capacity for recharge in that case than the Cr2016 battery.

BR2025 Batteries

A typical application for the BR2025 battery is in small electronic devices like watches, calculators, and remote controls. It is a lithium-ion coin cell battery. Since it is a non-rechargeable battery, it cannot be replenished after it runs out of juice. The BR2025 features a 3.0 volt and 200 mAh voltage and capacity. (milliAmp-hours). It is also renowned for having a longer shelf life, which, with careful storage, can reach up to 10 years. The BR2025 battery is often used due to its compact design and high energy density.

How to Choose the Right CR2025 Battery Equivalent

When you’re shopping for a CR2025 battery equivalent, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the right type of battery for your needs. Here are some tips for choosing the right CR2025 battery equivalent:

  • Consider the voltage – These batteries typically have a voltage of 3V. Ensure the battery you’re considering has the same voltage as the original one.
  • Consider the capacity – CR2025 batteries typically have a capacity of 225 mAh. Make sure that the battery you’re considering has the same capacity as the original battery.
  • Consider the size – CR2025 batteries are typically 20mm in diameter and 2.5mm in height. Make sure that the battery you’re considering is the same size as the original battery.
  • Consider the compatibility – Make sure that the battery you’re considering is compatible with the device it will be used in.
  • Consider the brand – Some brands of CR2025 batteries may be of higher quality than others. Consider researching the brand before making your purchase.


When deciding which CR2025 battery is equivalent to use, various battery equivalents can be used instead. It is important to consider each battery’s cost, reliability, and life span. Alkaline batteries are the least expensive option but are not rechargeable and must be replaced once depleted. Lithium batteries are more expensive but have a longer shelf life and are rechargeable. Rechargeable batteries are the most expensive option, but they have the longest life span and can be recharged multiple times.