Airo Antivirus for Mac Review (2020):
Is It Worth the Money?


by Rob Jordan

Airo Antivirus Review

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Antivirus software on Mac is a better idea than you might think. There are many viruses on Mac but few of them focus on other software or macOS.

Online threats today also affect Mac users. MacWorld tests six antivirus packages to give you safer computer use. Mac becomes an increasingly popular platform, it is also becoming an increasingly grateful target for fraudsters.

Sure, an unprotected Mac still performs better than an unprotected Windows computer, but that doesn’t mean there are no threats.

For Mac, malware, and malware, stolen passwords, and the like belong to the bigger threats. A recent example is Cookie Miner, a truly malicious malware that can steal Chrome credentials and passwords.

In the worst case, it can access Itunes backups and scan saved messages for information that can crack two-factor authentication.

A hacker group believed to be backed by the North Korean region, which not too long ago launched the first known malware attack on the world’s Macs.

Good antivirus protection protects the user against all this, and also makes the existence of the Internet safer. Perhaps especially for older Macs that no longer receive security updates, an antivirus program is good to have.

A nice detail is also that more of the test programs including Airo stop malware that affects Windows even in the Mac clients we test here that is, even if they cannot directly hit a Mac.

Mac users can thus make life a little better even for Windows users. And that’s nice. For a long time, it was quiet about virus protection on the Mac, but for some time now the attacks and thus the dangers for the data have been increasing.

It is mostly malware or malware, divided into backdoor, spyware, adware, worms, and above all viruses (17%) and trojan 70%).

In practice, these are mostly adware on the Mac, which bends the network connections of the browser and other programs to generate paid links or to load even more malware.

We collect information about the currently available antivirus programs for Mac in terms of security and performance. This will not be complete, it can give a subjective impression.

Each antivirus software was installed one by one on a Macbook Air 2018 with a Core i5 1.6 GHz processor, 8 GB working memory, and 256 GB SSD storage and with Mac OS 10.14.1 Mojave. Our SSD was filled to just under half.

From a wide selection of services, we have selected the most complete packages available for Swedish Mac users. Here we also only test payment programs.

To evaluate protection against real threats, we used the independent test lab AV-Comparatives and AV-Test.

The lab tests all major antivirus programs against real threats, but also presents interesting and rewarding test points such as how often the programs fake alarms and how they affect the performance of the computer.

We have included an assessment of the results of the test lab in our assessment of the programs, where price value, function, quality, and user-friendliness are also included in the assessment.

Airo Antivirus Review:

Airo Antivirus for Mac Review

Airo AV is a platform for virus and malware protection on Macs.

The security model of this solution combines powerful AI technology, real-time threat detection, and data protection and data security to provide a Mac environment that is both reliable and secure.

The inspired AiroAV to launch its first antivirus solution for the Mac desktop in 2019. Airo AV wants to be the first choice for Mac users toward Mac-specific malware. 

The company called Airo AV based in Tel Aviv and San Francisco comes to Airo Antivirus. It’s something as unique as an antivirus program built entirely from scratch for Mac users.

Only one year old, Airo is undoubtedly a newcomer to the gang. But, it turns out, there is no need to look the other way. The fact that Airo was built from the beginning for Mac gives us a program that feels fast, easy to work and very natural on Mac.

Airo offers virus protection with real-time scanning, as well as blocking against phishing attempts, malware, adware, scareware and other suspicious files.Airo

A Chrome and Safari plug-in (not Firefox or other options) is included and can keep track of inconveniences directly in the browser. There are no additional features such as the included VPN service or parental controls.

The only testing house which is good for all is Airo antivirus and the rating of AiroAV is 100 percent which has 145 samples of the test. Airo AV is primarily looking for malware that targets Mac users, quite logically given Mac’s exclusivity.

But Airo is still pulling its stride in the fight against malware by simply connecting to Bitdefender’s database for malware targeting Windows.

Thus, a Mac does not become a “carrier of infection”. It does not replace Airo’s own, Mac-focused engine, but is used only to stop the spread of malware targeting Windows.

And despite Airo’s relative youth, it does a good job. Although AV-Comparatives has not evaluated the program yet, in AV Test’s latest evaluation (December 2019), Airo receives the highest possible rating – 100 percent of the latest malware was identified by Airo.

The program never faltered either. It scans 85000 files just in 2.5 minutes. Airo AV is only for mac and it takes some time for the scanning process. Security features can design specifically for macOS.

It has real-time threat detection and built-in Spy-ware. It uses impressive machine learning technology to stay one step ahead of attacks and it is one of the good advantages of this technology.

Macs are not invincible against potentially harmful malware, so Airo is here to ensure that all information and files stored in Macs are protected from the outside world.  

Security Features of Airo Antivirus

They currently offer three different packages, all of which have the same features and security features; they only differ in the number of protected devices.

While Airo is a bit more expensive than some of its competitors, overall it’s an efficient, easy-to-use, and well-designed security product designed by Mac users for Mac users to detect and block potential threats using powerful AI technology.

 Security Features

Mac devices come with built-in security features that help protect your data and keep you safe online, but that’s far from enough.

Airo adds an important layer of protection specifically designed to protect against malware and viruses for Mac users.

Even though there is no live chat or phone number to call, Airo offers online support through its extensive FAQ page, which contains some troubleshooting tips and other topics.

You can also contact customer support using an online form. When we sent them a message using this contact form, Airo replied within 24 hours.

They help you answer your questions very friendly. Airo also has a blog page to keep you up to date on software security and general security threats.

Your library page is also useful for those who are not familiar with security software and explains terms like adware, blockchain, spyware, phishing, and so on.

Airo Antivirus Pricing:

Airo Antivirus Pricing

Airo currently offers three protection plans: Airo Single Suite – 1 Mac for 1 year, Airo Pro Suite – 3 Macs for 1 year and Airo FamSuitily e – 5 Macs for 1 year.

It is a little more expensive than other antivirus programs. All packages include full protection features, a powerful prevention engine, web protection extension, and version updates.

You can try out all product features with a free 30-day trial.

All three software packages offer the same set of functions, such as secure surfing, email protection, firewall identity protection, anti-phishing, automatic updates, and so on.

The only difference is the number of protected Macs (13, or 5).

Functions of Airo Antivirus:

Detection And Prevention:

Detection And Prevention

One of the highlights of using Airo to secure your Mac is real-time detection and prevention.

This, by continuously scanning websites and files in seconds, detects threats or suspicious behavior patterns that could potentially harm your system.

Spyware Protection:

Airo’s protection model can prevent phishing scams from stealing your personal information, protect your Mac’s camera, keyboard, or mouse from attacks, and prevent backdoor threats.

Advanced spyware protection monitors your processes and protects your backdoors from outside attacks.

Spyware Protection

Powerful AI technology:

Powerful AI technology

Another impressive feature of Airo is that it uses powerful machine learning AI technology to protect against and block potential threats.

This self-learning technology means that features are expanded every day to ensure that they are always up to date with malware, bugs, threats, and hacking trends.

The solution constantly gathers data to stay ahead of any Mac attack.

Easy To Use And Setup:

Airo usually scans itself in the background a little now and then. There is no way to schedule scans yourself. A quick scan is the default choice and took about half a minute during this test.

Single files can be scanned, as well as USB storage, other storage devices, as well as a full scan of the system. Airois a clear lightweight.

Processor usage during the large scan jumped up 80 percent for short periods but often stopped around ten percent. Most often, Airo is not noticed at all.

AV-Test has also given Airo a good rating for its resource efficiency.

Airo Antivirus Mobile App And Customer Support!

One of the great things about Airo compared to other antivirus programs is its ease of installation and use.

To begin the setup process, you will receive a security code after purchase, which you will need to enter to download the program directly from the website.


Downloading the free trial is just as easy and it only takes one click to download.

Customer Support

You will quickly find that the Airo software design is very similar to the user-friendly interface of standard iOS applications, making it suitable for both tech-savvy and inexperienced users who can easily use the software’s capabilities and functions.

Some default settings are already set, such as the real-time scan engine, so users don’t have to spend a lot of time configuring anything.

Simply run a first full scan of your system after you start the program to set the default scan interval for future use.

This can take up to an hour because your Mac and files will be scanned. After the scan is complete, a detailed log of the scan is created.

Is It Worth Price the Price?

Worth Price

Airo is sold both as a single license, for three computers, or five computers. 

Also, it is sold both monthly and yearly.

Airo is slightly cheaper than parts of the competition, which is expected because some features from the more expensive competitors are missing here, such as scheduled scanningTime Machine protectionVPN services, or site tracking.

As of this writing, one year of Airo can be purchased for five computers for just over five hundred pieces. 

It is not a price that stands out as extremely affordable, and it is also a temporary discount.

Ordinary prices are not extremely attractive in competition. For those who do not need all the features that test winner Kaspersky offers, Airo is well worth considering.

It is both easier to use, more resource-efficient, and (at the moment) cheaper. To cover 10 devices per year it costs $100 and for a single device, it costs $50.

If you want more facilities they will give a discount for a year which costs $70 and also say $90 per year to set five Macs. Your initial payment goes up after promotional pricing and that sounds good.


Malwarebytes provides an adware cleaner, known as AdwCleaner. It mitigates the download and display of advertisements of infected devices.

These harmful components can collect data on you and alter your search results if left unchecked. AdwCleaner removes unnecessary browser toolbars, too.

If you inadvertently install a toolbar from a package, AdwCleaner blocks it. This proactive defense keeps your memory and processor power operating at full capacity.


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