Add or Remove Display Desktop Context Menu on Windows 10

If you are using Windows Operating Sytem then you know that we can access Display Settings From Desktop > Right Click. We can have display settings. Now if we want to change/ Remove Display Desktop Context Menu on Windows 10 then we have couple of options. You cna also create custom Desktop Contex Menu by using this method.

Choose the Delete to take out the key. If you click the very first option Search automatically for updated driver software, make certain that you are joined to the net. If one will use multiple software alternatives to handle all those financial tasks, then unwanted work is nearly guaranteed. There’s no option to delete or substitute the shortcut for something different.

Add Display Desktop Context Menu in Windows 10

The fundamental idea is straightforward. It ought to be simple to comprehend. Therefore, to find this functionality and manipulate the data according to the need, exporting QuickBooks report to Excel is going to be the ideal option. To begin with, let’s have a peek at how to bring the customization choices.

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First, let’s have a look at how to add the customization options.

Method 1- Add NVIDIA Control Panel to Right-click Context Menu

Step 1- Open Run > control.exe > Enter

Step 2- View Small icons.

Step 3- Click on the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Step 6-  Go to Desktop > Add Desktop Context Menu.

Method 2- Add AMD Graphics Properties to the Desktop Context Menu

In this next method, you can add AMD graphics using following steps-

Step 1- Open Command Prompt (Admin) > Type regsvr32 atiacmxx.dll (for 32-bit computer).

For 64-bit PC- Type the command cd \windows\syswow64 > then type regsvr32 atiacmxx.dll.

Step 4- Enter.

And this AMD graphics option has been added.

Method 3- Add Intel Options to the Menu

Step 2- Command Prompt (Admin) > Type regsvr32 igfxpph.dll or regsvr32 igfxsrvc.dll.

Step 4- Enter.


Method 1- Remove AMD or NVIDIA graphics using Registry

Step 1 – Open registry from Run > type Regedit.

Step 2-  Navigate to-


Step 3- Right click on graphic to delete > choose to delete.

Method 2- Remove Display Settings and Personalize

Step 1 – On the Registry Editor > navigate to


Step 2 – Right click on Display > Permission.


Step 3- Advanced.

Step 4 – Click on Change adjacent to Owner.

Step 5 – Write the Administrator name > Check name. Once the name is verified > Ok.

Step 6- Apply.

Step 7- Click Administrator > Allow and Row Full control.

Step 8- Now Apply and OK.

Step 9- Now right click on Display registry > choose Delete.

That’s it, and you are done with the adding and removing of display desktop context menu on Windows 10. Follow the steps as mentioned and you will no problem executing the same.

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