10 Best Mobile Accessories That You Must Buy In 2022

Chargers, batteries, headphones, and memory cards are just some of the mobile phone accessories that make up the cell phone market. In fact, users are very attached to their gadgets. Thus, they always seek to meet their desires and needs by personalizing and protecting them.

Until a few years ago, mobile accessories meant the charger, data cable, and headphones. However, with technological advancement, users are more and more fans of the latest generation of accessories. In everyday life, cell phone accessories are as important as the cell phone itself.

Most of us would find it difficult to survive without a cell phone and a minimal set of accessories. Thus, the cell phone accessories market has grown gradually. Worldwide, this market sector is expected to raise around $90 billion by 2022. You can buy these wholesale phone accessories from the best wholesale sites online.

The Osmo Mobile 3 is the evolution of the “Selfie Stick” created by DJI. It expands the user’s ability to get better quality clicks. This accessory features the cell phone firmly positioned and prevents any “shakes” from blurring the image.

The accessory can still be positioned on some surfaces to give stability and greater angles. The device can be used for more extreme video and photo recordings, even to record sports activities. The peripheral can be found on retail sites with prices starting at R$1,190.

  • Smart Battery Case

The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max gained a very functional case. The Smart Battery Case offers 50% more battery life for the device, according to Apple. In addition, it also has an extra button that makes it easier to take a picture. The case is available on the manufacturer’s website and can be purchased in black, white, and pink for R$ 1,199. There are many other model Cases available that you can buy online or from the store near your house. The most demanded case in 2022 is Galaxy a20 cardholder cases bulk.

  • Olloclip Lenses

Olloclip has developed an accessory that offers additional lenses for the iPhone 11. The set includes telephoto, fisheye, and macro lenses for taking microscopic photos. In addition to increasing the range of cell phone cameras, it also makes images more stable. The device can be inserted into different sizes of iPhone, even on the classic Apple case. The accessory is not compatible with Apple cell phones equipped with other cases.

On Olloclip’s own website, consumers can import the product, but it is necessary to pay attention to import fees. The device is found for figures starting from US$ 39.99 (about R$ 163 in direct conversion).

  • Mi Powerbank 3

Xiaomi has launched an external battery with an astonishing 20,000 mAh. In addition, it has fast charging of up to 50 W. With this capacity, the user can recharge cell phones, tablets, and even computers. That’s because the Mi Powerbank 3 comes with three different USB outputs. The device costs 299 yuan (about R$175 indirect conversion) and is currently not available in Brazil.

  • ROG Station

ROG Phone 2 is a smartphone designed for gamers. For this reason, Asus has developed a variety of peripherals to cater to this segment. One of them that is available on the official Brazilian website is ROG Station. As the name suggests, it turns your phone into a portable gaming station, offering an additional screen and cooling to the device. The product still comes with a smartphone-like design and costs R$ 1,799.10.

  • CastAway

One product that was a hit on the crowdfunding site IndieGoGo was castAway. The device is an additional screen case that can turn your phone into a mini notebook. In addition, it can function as a standalone mini-tablet, as it has its own 2,400 mAh battery and also has a 2 MP front camera, 4 GB RAM memory, 32 GB storage, Hexa-core processor up to 2 GHz. and compatibility with iOS and Android.

In 2022, castAway was designed by Dell, Microsoft, and Intel and featured on IndieGoGo. At the time, it cost US$ 129 (about R$ 526 indirect conversion) and could be sent to Brazil, but as it was crowdfunding, the deadline was ended. However, the initial goal was handily reached, which suggests that castAway might be made available for purchase. Those who have already secured the product should receive it in May this year.

  • Selfie Ring

One more for the selfie lovers. The selfie ring is positioned around a cell phone camera and is also used to provide lighting for photos more efficiently than a traditional flash. These rings can be attached to both the front and rear camera, also working for common photos.

  • Wireless Charger

An accessory that is becoming more and more popular, wireless chargers help to avoid a mess of wires getting mixed up when charging your cell phone, especially when there are other smartphones charging nearby. Although solutions based on Bluetooth technology are being planned for future editions of cell phones, there are currently several options of bases in which you can leave your smartphone charging, preventing you from leaving it in any corner.

  • Tripod for Smartphones

Considering the end of the year and family parties, a smartphone tripod is a good option to have on hand. With the same function as tripods for cameras, these are specially created to support cell phones, avoiding blurry photos. The cheapest options are in the range of R$ 50 in the main stores.

  • USB/Lightning Knife Kit

One of the most curious Android accessories on the list. With it, it’s impossible for you or anyone you know to be unable to charge a phone, even if it’s not Android. This knife kit has a USB input – which can be plugged into a standard charger or a computer, another plug with a normal MicroUSB input on Android phones and tablets, and even the lightning input, used on the iPhone. We already consider it as the “knife of the 21st century”. Click on the link to learn more about the kit.